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Kahnawake Gaming License Self-Limitation and Self-Exclusion Policy

Kahnawake Online Casinos Offer Players Self-Limitation and Self-Exclusion Options

In the spirit of our commitment to player protection, the Kahnawà:ke Gaming Commission (the “Commission”) presents the 2022 Player Self-Limitation and Self-Exclusion Summary, covering the period from January 1, 2023, to 

To ensure responsible gaming, sections 293 – 328 of the Commission’s Regulations Concerning Interactive Gaming outline a comprehensive framework for player self-limitation and self-exclusion.

Our website features a dedicated self-exclusion page, email address, and an online form, providing convenient access for players seeking exclusion from any online gaming site licensed and regulated by the Commission.

The Two Methods of Self-Limitation or Self-exclusion

Players recognizing gaming-related issues may opt for two methods of self-limitation or self-exclusion:

  1. Direct Operator Request: Players can submit a request directly to the operator(s) of an online gaming site to self-exclude or establish deposit limits, including a “zero” deposit limit. The request takes effect upon receipt by the operator or as soon as practicable thereafter.
  2. Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Request to the Commission: Players can submit a Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Request form – Schedule “M” (PDF) to exclusion@gamingcommission.ca. Upon verification of the player’s request and identity, the Commission takes steps to permanently exclude the player from all online gaming sites under its regulation.

When a Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Request – Schedule “M” is submitted, a Compliance Officer contacts the requestor to verify information and identity or request further details.

For requests related to a specific operator, the request is forwarded to the appropriate operator for implementation. Once completed, the operator notifies the requestor and the Commission.

If the self-exclusion request spans all online gaming sites licensed by the Commission, a Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Directive signed by the Commission Chairman is emailed to all licensees. The directive mandates permanent exclusion by a specific date and time.

Commission Self-Exclusion Recorded Cases for 2023

The Commission contacts the requestor to confirm the self-exclusion date and time. Players are urged to report any non-compliance by online gaming sites to the Commission.

In summary, from January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023, the Commission received 455 submissions from players inquiring about or requesting self-exclusion. The breakdown of requests includes:

  • 1 deposit limit request, executed by the operator.
  • 24 account closure requests, executed by the operator.
  • 2 account reopening requests, executed by the operator.

Of the remaining 455 addressable Self-Exclusion requests:

  • 102 Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Directives were issued and forwarded to all licensees.
  • 6 requests to revoke a Comprehensive Self-Exclusion were denied by the licensee.
  • 9 requests for temporary self-exclusion or cooling-off period, not provided for in the regulations, were addressed, with players not seeking permanent self-exclusion.

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Self-Exclusion at Kahnawake Online Casinos

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Kahnawake Gaming Commission is a gaming regulatory body that regulates:

  • Poker rooms
  • Raffles
  • Electronic Gaming Devices
  • Online Casino Platforms

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established in June 1996. Ensuring fairness following the highest principles of honesty and integrity.

Kahnawake Online Casinos are all online casinos possessing an active Kahnawake Gaming Commission license.

Safety is of utmost importance when real money games are in question. Guaranteeing your data is safe and fairness are our top two priorities.

While offering addiction therapy and a helpline to keep the whole experience fun!

Mohawk Internet Technologies is a company that hosts all online casinos holding a Kahnawake Gaming Commission license.

Mohawk Internet Technologies is directly responsible for removing licenses from uncooperative brands.

In other words, Mohawk Internet Technologies can only get orders from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. So, removing a certain online casino for not following the license guidelines is their job.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission’s role is to enforce the gambling laws put in place by the Canadian Government.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission issues hundreds of licenses every year. This number consists of new land-based and online platforms offering real-money games.

Also, depending on the type of license the KGC also reevaluates expiring licenses every year.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission can issue five different types of licenses and they are:

  • Interactive Gaming License
  • Client Provider Authorization
  • Inter-Jurisdictional Authorization
  • Key Person Permit
  • Casino Software Provider Authorization

Over 250 online gaming websites in 2024 are already licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This number is expected to grow and hit 400 by the end of 2024.